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Submersible motor product introduction

Submersible motor product introduction

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2019/04/17 18:11
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The submersible motor is equipped with various types of submersible pumps, which are integrated with the pump and run into the sewage of various water quality for a long time. The harsh working environment determines that the sealing structure is quite different from the conventional motor.


The submersible motor is produced according to GB/T 2818-2002 standard. It is mainly divided into four types: oil-filled, water-filled, dry and shielded.


1 The oil-filled submersible motor is filled with mechanical oil, supported by rolling bearings at both ends, and the upper part is made of cemented carbide as a mechanical seal. It can be used in large occasions with muddy sand, and can also be used for tilting and horizontal use.


2 Water-filled motors are divided into ordinary submersible motors and special submersible motors. The main wear-resistant parts are imported materials (guide bearings, thrust bearings, etc.), which have the characteristics of high thrust and high wear resistance.


3 dry submersible motor, dry structure motor, inner cavity filled with air, similar to land motor, simple structure.


4 Shielded submersible motor, the stator of the motor is sealed by a thin-walled shield sleeve made of non-magnetic stainless steel, the end ring and the casing are sealed, and filled with solid filling.


Run exception


(1) In the case of large sand content in the well, special attention should be paid to the fact that in the operation of the pump, the water that has been running until the well is not turbid, so that the pump can be stopped. Otherwise, the sand stops on the rear cover of the impeller and the pump does not start up when it is started again. If you run it further, it will burn the motor. This phenomenon often occurs when the well is not thoroughly cleaned in the market. At this time, it is necessary to let the motor run until the water in the well is not turbid, so that it can be shut down.


(2) The insulation resistance of the stator winding of the submersible motor is zero, but the electric pump can still operate normally.


This phenomenon can only occur on a star-connected submersible motor. When the star point of the motor is not well wrapped, the stator winding is grounded to zero. Therefore, although the motor is grounded, there will be some abnormal phenomena such as an increase in the motor current. The electric pump can still operate normally, but it cannot meet the electrical requirements. Requirements for safe operating procedures. In this case, the electric pump should also be disassembled for inspection outside the well, and the star point should be re-wrapped so that the insulation resistance value of the stator winding of the motor rises above the specified value and then put back into operation.