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Ground source heat pump affordable Residents annual savings of 740 yuan

Ground source heat pump affordable Residents annual savings of 740 yuan

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2019/04/21 18:11
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In the harsh winter, you can enjoy the comfortable indoor "warm winter"; in the summer, the same "air conditioner" can send a cool breeze. Unscrew a faucet and the hot water will flow out immediately. You don't need to buy air conditioners, you don't need to buy water heaters, these comfortable enjoyments can be easily "fixed" with just one set of ground source heat pump system. Yesterday, the reporter went to a community in Shenyang City to experience the benefits brought by the ground source heat pump to the people.


The energy conservation and environmental protection of ground source heat pumps have long been known, so what benefits can it bring to ordinary residents? The reporter will help you calculate the account.


    Benefit one: save money


    basic configuration  


    In the winter, heating is used for heating, and in the summer, if you want to enjoy the air-conditioning, you have to buy air conditioners. To use hot water, you must buy a water heater. With ground source heat pumps, the investment in air conditioners and water heaters can be saved.


    Take a 70-square-meter two-bedroom apartment as an example. An electric water heater should cost at least 1,500 yuan. If it is a solar or gas water heater, the price is higher, up to 4,000 yuan. If a single cold air conditioner is installed in a house, the two air conditioners will cost 4,000 yuan according to the minimum number of horses.


    Equipment investment savings are at least:


    1500+4000=5500 yuan.


    The cost  


    Then, in normal use, can residents save money?


    According to the relevant management personnel of Jinhaiyuan Community, the average operating cost of ground source heat pump in winter is 17 yuan / square meter, and the summer cooling operation cost is 6 yuan / square meter. At present, the standard for heating and cold air charges for residents is 26 yuan / square meter.


    In addition to this cost, what are the residents' expenses for the ground source heat pump? Electricity fee. Because the hot water and cold water from the ground source heat pump are sent to the residents' homes, it is necessary to install a air supply "window" in each room, and use the motor to blow the hot air of the hot water or the cold water of the cold water to the living room. But don't worry, this point is insignificant compared to air conditioning. Because this motor is only 30 watts, it is only equivalent to the power of an energy-saving bulb. The reporter roughly calculated that in the winter and summer, the electricity consumption will not exceed 200 yuan.


    The reporter interviewed several residents who used air conditioners in the summer. Even the most economical use, the air-conditioning electricity bill in summer will not be less than 500 yuan.


    Then calculate the power consumption of the electric water heater, at least 60 yuan per month; and the hot water provided by the ground source heat pump in the Jinhaiyuan community can be used free of charge.


    Use fee: 26×70+200=2020 yuan


    Use of heating and air conditioning:


    22×70+500+60×12=2760 yuan


    Save at least: 740 yuan / year


    Benefit 2: Can be timed


    Unlike ordinary air conditioners, the use of geothermal “air conditioning” in summer, because cold water has been circulating in the roof of the pipeline, so open the air supply switch, blowing out is a cool breeze, cooling is very fast. In addition, geothermal "air conditioning" in addition to the temperature can be adjusted according to needs, there is one of the biggest benefits - appointment timing.


 In the winter, leaving home in the morning, no one in the house does not need to heat, adjust the "air conditioning" to the off-hours, and then set the indoor temperature of each room. When you get home, the warmth will wait for you to return. Of course, the coolness of returning home in the summer can also be done in the same way.


    Benefit three: 24-hour hot water


    A lot of households with water heaters have this kind of experience, and they have been heating too much power; if they are burned when they are used, they have to wait for a while before they can use hot water, which makes people worry.


    With the ground source heat pump, you don't have to worry about it. Just open a special hot water tap and the hot water will flow out at any time. Moreover, the water temperature is constant at 45-50 degrees Celsius, and the bath is just right. Reporter Huang Lin


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    Ground source heat pump house with a height of 20 cm


    What is the difference between a house with a ground source heat pump and a normal house? Yesterday, the reporter walked into the home of the residents and explored it carefully.


    "Height" is long


    In a household, the reporter found a distinct difference, that is, the house is significantly higher than the ordinary house. According to the developer, the indoor height of the common commercial housing is 2.8 meters, while the height of the geothermal "air conditioning" room is 3 meters.




    Why is this? The dense pipeline around the roof illustrates the problem. It turns out that groundwater used for heating and cooling is circulated in these pipelines, and in order to make room for these pipelines, it is necessary to increase the height of the shed. This is due to the aesthetic considerations of the decoration. When the residents are renovating, they have to design some partial ceilings to hide these pipelines. If the height of the shed is constant, it will appear that the living room is somewhat low.




    Put on "warm clothes"




    Experts said: "If the insulation measures are not enough, the energy of the ground source heat pump will be lost more than half." Originally, in order to ensure that the energy transmitted from the ground source heat pump to each house is not lost, all walls must be energy-saving walls, put on A thick layer of energy-saving warm "outerwear", windows are also energy-saving sealed windows. The heating and cooling pipes in the residents' homes are also special rubber and plastic sponge insulation pipes to ensure that the energy is not lost.




    No outdoor wind




    The general air conditioner and the compressor are installed indoors, and the outdoor fresh air needs to be converted into energy by the energy and sent to the room. For geothermal “air conditioning” refrigeration, it only needs to be cooled by cold water in the pipe, and does not need to “contact” with the outdoor wind. It is self-contained and avoids the impact of air pollution on the home environment.